IRC Rocks

People type the stoopidest things. I have been reading a few conversations thay people post in IRC (internet chatroom type of thing, here are a few:-

[@David] Yay I get laid today! Been a month…. needing it by now
[@Sony] Er thanks
[@Sony] too much information
[@David] Only a few hundred pounds but its better than nothing
[Malpine] Thanks for the info
[@David] eh?
[@David] damn i meant PAID
[@David] I get PAID today
[@David] dammit

[jeebus] the “bishop” came to our church today
[jeebus] he was such an impostor
[jeebus] never once moved diagonally

[AndrewB] Lonely..
[Linguica] aww
[AndrewB] Come to bed and snuggle with me.
[AndrewB] Er, shit wrong window.

[yabba] I had sex with a homeless man today
[xsneakerx] was he cute?
[yabba] no.. but he had no shoes… and his feet were clean.
[yabba] I think he may have been jesus.

[Rav3n] my gf is only 2 years old and my parents are fuming.
[Rav3n] ^older

I’m off for a weekend of full on birthday lager frenzy, see you losers on monday – WOOHOO !