Death to the Galloway

Jeesus how can one man whom i have never met build up so much rage inside me?

I hate all of the big brother contestants and would happily see them all erased from the planet, however, George Galloway deserves his own special death. Having recently visited the world of William Wallace, his death struck me as particularly apt for Galloway. That of being dragged through the town for 4 miles, hung, cut down whilst barely alive, castrated, disembowled, beheaded, quartered and having the parts on public display at four different locations.

If this bullish, self-righteous, egotistical, corrupt (allegedly), arse-licker of a genocidal maniac isnt showered with faeces from a baying mob brandishing pitchforks when he is ejected then the world isnt just.

I hope he gets a kicking down the job centre.