Pea & Tissue Pies…mmmmm

I visited the camping shop at the weekend. Talk about a kid in a sweet shop, it was ace. There were loads of tents and stuff, it was a good job that there was a sign saying ‘no running as guide ropes can be dangerous’, else i could have injured meself.

I spent a fortune on making future camping expeditions a more comfortable affair, although i may need a PHD in astrophysics in order to assemble the new campbeds.

On sunday i went to an all day festival in Brum which was good, the star of the show was easily Mr Scruff, who not only ended his set with ‘Hit me with your Rhythm Stick’ but projected obscure pies from Colins Pie Shop onto the screen. Favorites included Pea & Tissue, Dog Biscuit & Turnip and Lettuce & Sellotape….yum

On saturday i am going to see some bizarre burlesque synchronized swimming performance. Dont know much about it apart from they wear very little, and you can buy Nipple Tassels on their website.

Can’t Wait 🙂