On friday i went to Fort Dunlop and saw some wierdo’s perfoming some bizarre dance suspended halfway up on ropes. Two things were gained from the event. 1) I had a particularly nice veg spring roll with peas in and 2) You get a great view from the top standing underneath the FORT DUNLOP sign.

Saturday i went out raving to SWEAT at the boiler room and after a particulary urgent dance move, i slipped and sprained me ankle, so i spent yesterday hobbling round the flat. When we popped out to the outlaws for fathers day, the 3 grandkids were there who proceeded to use me as some bizarre climbing frame/punchbag combo. Then one of em bit me so we left.

The enemys going to see some sort of Hot Air Balloon orchestra this week and kick off is at 6 in the mornin in stratford, so she can bugger off if she’s thinking of waking me at some ungodly hour. I need the extra hours in bed for me foot to recuperate.