The Taste of Fenny

Over the weekend we had some friends over, and in a drunken moment we decided to hit the Undrinkable Filth selection that adorns our cupboard.

Now for many a year, friends and acquaintances have continually surprised us every year with Undrinkable Filth in novelty bottles from throughout the globe. However, last year Shaun pipped them all to the post with a gift of some Fenny.

For the uninitiated, Fenny is particularly nasty liquor made from cashew nuts, Shaun swears by the stuff, other people swear at it. And this specimen was very special as it was in a bottle shaped like a little fat Indian Man with a turban stopper.

Fenny has an aroma similar to bum sweat, and a taste akin to cillit bang. So imagine my surprise when Kim announced that she quite liked it and was happily sipping at it. Dan on the other hand was seen to be violently retching in the corner.

Me & Sadie never touch the stuff, Christ you’d be mad to, we just revel in watching others suffer, and we hadn’t even got to the Chilli Vodka, the Flangesbord or something (Christ knows) from Denmark, or the stuff at the back that we keep for cleaning the windows.

Oh and apparently we didn’t do very well at the football.