Skinny jeans and Tiling the bathroom

First off, what is it with current music trends. Basically you need zero talent, jeans so tight that they need to be sprayed on, and a stupid big floppy afro style hairdo and your in. (pointed shoes optional extra)

I’m talking about Reading & Leeds this weekend, i watched the festival ‘highlights’ broadcast on the tele and 90% of the drivel on there were just wasting everyones time. Why dont these people stop ripping off Wire & Gang of Four and get a sound of their own. The NME is doing for music what Stock Aitkin & Waterman did for it in the 80’s, promoting a clone army of talentless goons all singing the same song over and over again.

Step up to the microphone Muse, who clearly showed everyone what a proper rock band should sound like. Plus the wendys at the beeb didnt feel it right to broadcast Slayer i noticed 🙁

We stripped the bathroom and now have to remove the tiles. I am amazed that the tiles are about 1 1/2″ thick. This is made up of compo, tile adhesive, layer of tiles, another layer of adhesive and another layer of tiles, then painted over the top. Its not a job i am looking forward too.

I’m off to spain to do some filming next week, that is a job i’m looking forward to though – woohoo.