Rocky Rules

Genius film, dont listen to the critics, every one of Rockys nuggets of wisdom is a real gem by which that we could all live our lives.

Spent a weekend watching films really, Flushed away was great, the new rocky film was genius, Kill Bill was ace, Children of men was very good with some excellent cinematography and to top it all i watched Casino for the at least the 50th time yesterday and it’s still as staggering as i saw it the first time.

Still not drinking, except i am having the odd alcohol free becks to calm the cravings, its not great but it does the trick.

I got up and went for a run on sunday morning, which is novel as usually i have a hangover sunday mornings. Anyway, i ran round the block (its a big block) and it started chucking it down so i got soaked. However as i passed the front of the flat, i looked in to see Sadie doing her ‘Davina – power of 3’ aerobics dvd, and as i could only see the top half, it looked like she was just raving like a nutter in front of the tv, very funny.

I am gnome alone tonight, but instead of takeaway its gonna be beans on toast. mmmmmmmmmmm beans, i suppose at least there is an upside to detoxing, more beans.