A clash of titans, well french titans in beret’s & stripey jumpers, smelling of garlic, smoking Gaulois etc etc.

This weekend i played twice. Once with the enemy on Saturday (and was beaten), and again on Sunday with her father in law as well (and was beaten again). I blame the bumpy grass, they said it was because i was crap.

Went to Shrewsbury for a picnic on Sunday, its a lovely place, although the castle was shut. A bit odd, the fact that its one of the busiest tourist days of the week. The place was full of people walking up to the gates, peering in and then shuffling away all disgruntled.

I also went to Hotel Du Vin for dinner on Saturday night. It was lovely (the pea soup with Aubergine oil is fantastic). And once we had eaten we retired to the billiard room. One game of snooker 1 1/2 hours, it aint easy when you’ve had a drink.