Wii Rule

Wii papa rule that dance….

I’ve had a new Wii and it totally rocks, we are leaping around the living room like lunatics trying to play tennis. The controllers are crazy, as you also get a nunchuck as well as the normal remote so you slay imaginary dragons with big sweeping sword strokes and everything.

Life on Mars has finished, I thought the ending was great, but i dunno about the crazy idea of the next series set in the 80’s with some dolly bird instead of John Simm, won’t be the same methinks.

In the office sweepstake for when Ed’s missus pop’s, i’ve gone for 26th April (she’s due on the 17th, but like all women i think she’ll be late). Rumour has it that it will be 10lb, you can bet thats gonna smart a bit.