Pre party blog

It’s probably a good idea that I blog now (10:41am) rather than when we return from our crimbo lunch 🙂

We have christmas songs on the office stereo at the moment, and to be honest they are not really working for me, especially as its Hanson and all it makes me want to do is pull their brains out through their own kneecaps.

I mean ‘Hanson sings christmas’ for christs sake, at what point did someone say “You know what would be a great idea? Boiling my own eyes whilst ferverently rasping at my own fingertips with a block plane. Actually no scrap that, what would be even better would be to get irksome teen boppers Hanson to record a selection of dreary christmas hits, with a few of their own tedious christmas themed compositions thrown into the mix”.

Whatever next, “Eastenders own Ian Beale conducts the London symphony orchestra, accompanied by a rabid badger on the piano, whilst onlookers throw foil wrapped goldfish at a large target balancing on the head of the miserable soap bothering conductor, in the hope of winning the only gas mask in an auditorium slowly filling with highly noxious chlorine”.

Or something like that anyway.