I felt magic on saturday mornin after the party so, after managing to bag some Mighty Boosh tickets for next year when they went on sale at 10:00 I preceded to do some tiling, re-wire the cupboard downlights, help me father in law with a bit of carpentry and then look for a christmas tree (of which there were none).

We ended up going out on sunday for a tree with more luck, and i did a bit of shopping in town.

Can I just say what a complete waste of time and effort the German market is. Hawking its mass produced trinkets, its weird spicy breads and funny crystals. What exactly is the point. To even things up we should send the equivalent of Bescot Market over to Berlin every year. Have some helmet yelling out the side of a van into a microphone offering £20 for a bag of indeterminable meat, with a bloke knocking out hooky DVD’s round the back.

Now thats festive.

Also i need to mention that the new X factor song (dunno who it’s by) is the aural equivilent of being kicked to death by Cliff Richard, its ghastly.