Dose of the plague

Long weekend fer me, only just got back in fact.

I went camping in Buxton (at shallow grave farm), visited Eyam (where the plague broke out), scored some tart in Bakewell and saw the new Indiana Jones movie, top weekend.

As it’s summer I have started drinking Cider again. My cider of choice is Henneys Frome Valley Dry, and to be honest i think it’s gone down hill a bit. It used to be a bit cloudy and not really fizzy. Now it appears to have gone all ‘Woodpecker’ on my ass, you know what i’m saying, a bit ‘Magners’, not a million miles away from an alchopap.

I’m dissapointed I must say, and although I shall continue to drink it (as there’s several bottles still in the fridge, i’m not happy about it.

Replacement Cider suggestions can be sent on to me (if anyone can be bothered that is).