Party On

London is holding a party this weekend to celebrate the handing over of the Olympics, featuring ‘some of the uk’s finest acts’

‘Top Acts’ include:

  • Will Young
  • Scouting for Girls
  • Il Divo
  • McFly
  • The Feeling

I mean come on, how could you not tear yourselves away from the brain addling TV and get on down to the thunderous sounds of The Feeling. Christ it sounds as dull as being bummed by a semi conscious sheep whilst whispering the last 3 pages of ‘The diary of my bum and shoes’ by Annabellaella Flipflop into the ear of a slumbering foal.

What would really make a great party would be for Gary Glitter to come striding out in full silver cape and boots to the tune of ‘Do you wanna be in my gang’. Now that would be worth hitting the M40 for.