Kingston Town

It just ain’t like it is in the UB40 song. It’s a astonishingly expensive suburb with breathtaking houses.

We went for our first night away from home at the weekend. Obviously we were all on vom alert with Sadie and Isobel having dodgy tums but apart from and incident outside HAHA bar on Saturday afternoon in which Isobel was sick all over Sadie and some crone tutted as she walked passed, (I was just walking up to them, if I’d been there I’d have pushed her in the Thames!),  all was well. We went round Hampton Court maze as well as I tried to explain the rules of a maze (always turn left, always follow the outside edge) and sure enough we went straight to the middle without getting lost once.

Sunday I cleared out the strawberry bed and trimmed the raspberry canes. I have no idea what to do with either of them really, I’m assuming that if I water them, fruit will magically appear, I mean it cant be that hard can it?

Yesterday on my day off I looked after Isobel, mopped up vomit and put up a coat rack. It’s all go you know.

Jackie Smith, it’s just too easy so i’m not gonna bother. She’ll be out on her ear by the end of the week anyway.