My first woodwork project is complete,  it’s a seed dibber to help me sow seeds. Alright it’s not an intricately carved rendition of Notre Dame Cathedral, but hey its a start innit.

We went swimming again on Saturday and Isobel was dunked again, she seemed to enjoy the whole swimming experience more than last time, it’s a bit weird at the brine though as its about 34 degrees so its like floating around in a salty bath.

She is going through a bit of a noisy period at the moment, dunno why but she seems to emit this high pitched yelp and  jabbers a lot (bit like me i suppose), I hope the phase stops soon as it could end up driving us mad. The problem is as soon as she looks up at you with her doe eyes, your heart just melts and you forget that you’ve just threatened to sell her to the gyppos.