Like Ian I too noticed the blossoming trees yesterday. There’s a lovely apple tree at the bottom of our garden (although it’s leaning a bit and i’m fighting a losing battle trying to stake it back), anyway its full of apple blossom and looks lovely as do the trees at the bottom of the garden. Although one of them seems to be shedding some confettli like stuff and although it looks nice, its bloody everyywhere.

I was on slug patrol yesterday and i emptied the 3 beer traps into the compost bin. Jeesus it aint a pretty site an old pasta sauce jar full of week old bitter and drown slugs, there were loads of em (about 20-30 per jar). I’ve topped it back up with cheapo bitter again as it is clearly the tipple of choice in our garden.

The new series of CSI is turning out well. I thought it might turn out a bit pony when Gil Grissom left, but his replacement, Lawrence Fishburne is turning out just right for the job.