Upside down house

It’s a bit mad at ours at the mo, not only is stuff bieng packed for our holiday meaning there are suitacases everywhere, but also I am having some decorating done whilst away so the entire front room needs to be emptied as well. Still it’s better these things are done while we are not there eh.

Sadie has started making this fantastic dessert called Lemon Posset, its basically lemon juice, sugar and cream, boiled and then left to set. She grates some of Willies 100% cacao over the top and its absolutly gorgeous.

Peter & Jordan have split, wonder how long for? I find it quite amuasing that the pair "have both requested that the media respect their families’ privacy at this difficult time".  What do you mean until they can individually sell their stories to each and every newspaper and magazine on the face of the earth.