Juicy Plums

I’ve just had the juciest plum in the world, it was so juicy that it took me 3 paper towels to mop up the juice on my desk. I thought it might be a bad’un as it had what looked like a small hole or bruise, however I went for it and chomped it and was glad I did, top plum.

On a none fruit related matter I am off next week, a mate of mine has loaned me his winnebego type thing, I was going to a festival in it, however we’ve gone off the idea of the festival so we just thought we’d get on the road and see where it leads us. I think Ludlow might be in the offing for one.

It is a left and drive and is 8m long so I dunno how i’ll get on with driving it but you’ve gotta have a go havent you. Anyway i’m looking forward to life on the road for a few days (even if it is at 25mph).