Well it’s done, I’m not sure I have fingerprints on a couple of fingers anymore but at least the dining room is now sanded.

Apart from that we had a pretty leisurely weekend. We did the usual shopping etc and we popped into Walsall Art Gallery again and there was some great Gavin Turk there (i last saw some of his stuff there a couple of years ago). And on Sunday we went up to ashbourne to mum & dads pub for Sunday lunch whilst Isobel played pool (well she sat on the pool table with my dad flinging the balls towards the pockets).

The drive home was lovely as we pass through all these tiny villages with a church, a pub and a small shop each. It makes me think that I would like to retire to one of these places and buy a small farm out in the sticks.

Also a mate of mine (Martin) popped round with some double glazed units that he had taken out of a house he was working on for me to use to build cold frames, so there’s a project for over the winter then.

The results of my sanding handywork are below 🙂 It was actually stained black before to give you some idea of the amount of work involved.