Past the Post

I’ve had a flutter on the Gold cup today and won £20 Woohoo ! Always go each way my old grandad used to say and he was bang on.  

Dunno what the weekend brings to be honest, hopefully the weather will be nice so I can get in the garden and start tidying it up. There’s loads of stuff than needs digging up but it’s bum working when the weather’s a bit pony. Hopefully the decorating will be finished then as well do i can hang some pictures up. I have a great print of Yves Klein’s IKB79 which has been looking for a wall to hang on so i’ll be nailing that up.

A also bought a great bottle of wine for this eve but I can remember what it’s called, i’ll fill you in on minday but Sarah in the shop said it was nice so thats at least one good review (although she was the one that sold it me)