Taste (Part II)

Ian is dead right, the variety of individual tastes is a fantastic thing, imagine a world where everyone loved the same thing, there would be no variation, everything would always be the same, it would be like having Radio 1 broadcast direct into your brain 24 hours a day. I must say though that i think Amie’s taste of Cheese and Gravy on chips puts her in a minority of one as it surely cant be a taste thats shared by anyone else can it?

I think that Shutter Island is a bloated piece of cliched filmaking.  Its paper thin plot twists, second rate Kubrickesque cinematography, startling soundtrack, and apparently unresearched physiological analysis makes for what can only be described as the worst kind of sub Hitchcock rehash I have ever seen.

However all this needs to be taken in context, as this is all drawn from my interpretation of what I consider to be a great Scorsese movie. When you look at his body of work that includes Raging Bull, Cape Fear, Goodfellas and Casino you can see that your expectation levels are huge before the titles have even started. This film I feel lacks the gravitas and depth of his other work and for that reason…I’m out.

If this had been directed by someone else: a) I probably wouldn’t have seen it, and, b) If I had, I would have probably thought it was ok  but not great. Essentially it’s like Led Zeppelin reforming to do an R&B album  produced by Timbaland. Actually scrap that its like AC/DC doing the R&B album as they have never produced a bad record whereas, as mighty as the Zep were, some of the later work floundered a bit.

Anyway that’s my opinion, so go and see it and draw your own conclusions and see which side of the fence you fall on, the right side or Ian’s side 🙂