Bit Windy

Well camping was good. Luckily I took the tent over and set it up on Friday night then came home so we were chubbing Chinese in front of the tele when the rain started. Then on Saturday morning we packed up and was on the site basking in the sun.

Over the weekend we visited the opening at the new MAC arts centre, went to Moseley old hall and visited Shugborough as well as the odd garden centre. On Saturday night, my statement on forgetting to put pegs in the gazebo of ‘Don’t worry it will be all right’, proved foolish words when at 11:00pm I heard a noise outside and looked to find the Gazebo had disappeared and was found halfway up the campsite in a tangled mess of fabric and metal (regular readers will know exactly the same thing happened to us a few years ago at Shell Island). So That involved an emergency clean up operation, but apart from that all was well.

Yesterday we planted out the runner beans. Over the course of the next few weeks i think we will be planting out the rest of the veg (just need it to warm up a bit). And last night we tasted the first of our crop this year as Sadie made a fantastic Rhubarb and Blackberry crumble – it was the greatest thing anyone has ever cooked let me tell you.