Feeling hot hot hot

Blimey its turned out nice again hasnt it.

Obviously this weekend will be spent in the garden or sitting outside the pub or doing all those things that spring to mind when you think of a hot summers day. There will probably be a bbq involved at some point as well and maybe a stroll around the park.

Isobel slept till 7:00 this morning and when she came in to us she was all smiles and laughing, it was a joyous way to start the day, and Ed was in a good mood as well when I got in so its gonna be a good day methinks.

Actually thinking about it, i might get the pimms out



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Feeling Hot Hot Hot.

I went for a curry last night to the Malabar in Aldridge. I had the usual KP Jalfeizi with Mushrooms and it was really hot so well reccomended. One thing however i will say is that it isnt cheap, Rice starts as £3 as do the Naans and my dish was £11.95 which is a bit pricey for a curry really. Nevertheless it was very tasty so give it a go.

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