New Book Madness

My new book is really weird, I cant even begin to describe it, apparently it all comes together at some point mid book but for the moment its all over the place.

Some ‘Great British Bake Off’ show was on yesterday and it was really interesting to watch.

Obviously its some cooking competion for the general public but it has the added advantage of not have those 2 obsequious fools off masterchef on (the chubby barrow boy and the one that looks like an ageing hairdresser)

Baking is one of those things that people generally dont do, and its not some poncy french inspired rubbish served with what looks like cukkoo spit , but proper food that people at home can make. Last night they were making Pies, Pasties, Tarts and the like and they all looked very nice. Its the finals next week so I shall be tuning in to see what they are rustling up.