All Done

Just a couple of days to go and i’ve got all my crimbo  presents, probably first time i’ve ever finished so early.

We are going to Ashbourne on christmas eve so I hope the weather clears up a bit, I dont mind it as it is now, just could do without more snow.

Sadie mentioned the New Year Detox last night, which I think i might partake in, I didnt do it last year (a whole month completely tea total), there are a couple of events in Jan which could proove tricky, but generally I think i’m up ferrit. My mate Martin has done all year without drinking apart from 3 occasions (my wedding and party being 2 of them) He is’nt drinking till 12:00 NYE, but says to be honest he’s not fussed about drinking again unless a special occasion arises, thats quite some willpower.

One of the things i’m not looking forward to over the break is an attempt at potty training for the little un, she’s showing willing at the mo so we might go for it, but there’s bound to be accidents 🙁