Honey, i’m home

Bit of a lazy one this weekend, on Friday we went to the pub for a couple of beers after work and then back home for tea. Sadie did mustard chicken which was really nice (we have had it before but she eased up on the leeks for me this time)

Saturday we spent in the garden, I pruned the blackberrys and sadie mowed the lawn & trimmed the hedges and stuff. Upon closer inspection we have come to the conclusion that we could do with a new lawn really, ours is about 50% moss, patchy in places and seems to be made up of about 4 different turfs being laid at different times. However the chance of us getting round to that anytime soon is pretty unlikely.

Saturday night we popped round to Matt & Jens (the hose appeard to be in the swing of wedding mania) and Isobel was entranced by their collection of Russian Dolls. On the way home Danielle & Russell were following and ran out of petrol on the M5/M6 link road and  as there wasnt enough hard shoulder for us to stop, we had to go round again and pick up Russell (and drop off Martin) and the petrol can. Then we had to go to the petrol station and finally get back on and go round yet again to drop him off. It was quite funny in the car as Isobel was mesmerised by the size of the moon.

On Sunday our friend Anita came round and we took delivery of the hive for the bees we are going to look after. She found a decent spot for it and then told us what was going on in her hive at home, about the bees growing a new queen and how the whole delicate operation of moving the queen and bees to the hive will take place over the next few months. Its all mesmerising really, I had no idea what goes into the whole honey making process so i’m really looking forward to it.

Anyway this is the new ‘chez bee’, its about 2 1/2 foot tall at the moment but contains no honey combes as that is another level which will go on later apparently.

All ready for its 30,000 inhabitants (christ what have i let myself in for?)