No tent for me

Well the oven plinth is built again so it just needs to be filled and we are back to where we started (and not too far behind schedule). Sadie has also managed to get hold of some clay which needs ‘puddling’. This process involves tipping it over a plastic sheet, mixed with water and trampled over with bare feet. It a process i’m quite looking forward to in a weird kinda way.

This weekend we also went to buy a new tent. Unfortunatly the tent we wanted had sold out and after phoning round most of the stores in the UK it appears to be sold out everywhere (it is £160 instead of £450 so that could be why), so the search goes on.

Isobel woke up at 4:30am on Saturday night and 4:30am again last night (well technically morning), she eventually went to sleep both times but was INCREDIBLY cranky in the morning. Funnily enough her cries of ‘I want to stay in bed and sleep daddy’ this morning when we were getting up fell on deaf (quite tired) ears.