Festive Fun

We entered the xmas sprirt running this year. On Saturday we bought the christmas three and decorated it, we then went to a school  christmas fair (where i entered the bottle tombola and won a bottle of perry, a bottle of lambrini, a bottle of bucks fizz and a wierd bottle of butterscotch shots (christ knows). To be honest there’s not a good bottle among them so I have no idea what I am gonna do with it (although Gavin has intimated that Hollie is a fan).

Then Sadie started the christmas cake, its a 3 or 4  day process so it may get finished this evening, although i think it could do with a bit of ‘feeding’ to make it a bit boozier so i dunno. Then Saturday night we went to the Cure Leukaemia ball after a lovely invite from Jackie. It was a fantastic evening, all on our table were lovely and the whole thing was very christmassy and lovely (plus little un stayed at nans so we got a lie in – woohoo)

Sunday involved us chubbing round in the morning then out for lunch and off to another school christmas fair (where the mulled wine was only 50p with a free mince pie, beat that german market!). Then it was home and snuggled in front of the TV to watch the Polar Express  (just to ram a bit more christmas into the weekend)

On Friday night, Danielle turned up to the pub with a hundreweight of mushrooms (ceps to be precise) that her and Russell had freshly picked that day. So on Sunday night we had mushroom strogganoff which was delicious.

So all very festive and all very fun.