Welcome to Friday Pub

Welcome to Friday Pub

Friday pub is basically the ramblings of me, Mark, a designer from Birmingham. About 10 years ago whilst developing our company website I started a blog and continued to blog about 3 times a week about random stuff that happens to me or people I know.

In reality it’s just stream of gibberish that started out quite violent towards Z list celebs and people who annoy me but has since gone on to just be a reportage of that I have done over the past 10 years. If I’ve done it, it’s in there, usually with picture evidence to back it up.

Anyway with the latest update of our corporate website, we have got rid of individual blogs and gone for a group corporate blog, and therefore 10 years of my ramblings / likes & loathes was consigned to the great archive in the sky. But I thought No! that cant happen, there’s already loads of rubbish on the internet, surely one more stream of gibberish isn’t too much is it. And so I decided to move it over to here where I can bang on about crap to my hearts content.

And so here it is, feel free vent your frustrations about my poor spelling, shit grammer and piss poor social commentry, everyone else does.