Smashing Abba

Smashing Abba

Well it’s been a while (2 pubs in fact). Both had a medium turnout (figures in the pables on the right), cant remember what we banged on about apart from Supertramp, The native american indian shop in Brighton, great 3 in 10’s and Ofstead.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been to Bristol for the IBT13 festival (as well as visiting some freinds). One of the things we did was a piece called Worktable which involved me selecting an item, then deconstucting it (ie smashing it with a hammer). I then chose something else that someone had already broken and fixed it (fat handedly with bostik and sellotape)

abba abba2 abba3

Poor old Benny & Bjorn never stood a chance, I even found time to scratch our their eyes (paying special care to the one who’s old man was a nazi or summat) . My choice of reconstruction was something that looked like an ashes urn which looked like i’d tried to put it backtogether with a spoon by the time I finished with it.

Also last week I recieved a gift from Gavin to add to my collection of Diana memorabilia (ie a t shirt and a brick). Anyway as you can see its a worthwile addition.


Quality trinket methinks.

And finally we went to the park at the weekend and visited the new bandstand. I tool a great pic of Isobel and Lara after climbing to the top (it was bloody parky out, although I did win the game of pooh sticks, Sadie insisted I say that one of the kids won, but clearly it was my stick out first).