Slow news week


Not much to report for the past couple of weeks really. Notable events:

  • We have started viewing “Friday Night Lights” which is a US series based around college football, tis excellent
  • Walking dead series 3 has ended, brilliant last couple of episodes but ended a bit cheesily
  • We have ripped up the stair carpet and painted the stairs, just looking for a stair runner now
  • Ebo has been poorly with a cold that’s making her hurl with all the phlegm
  • I am going to liverfool for Martins stag
  • Budgeting for the extension is turning out to be very expensive 🙁
  • Seeds have been planted a couple of weeks ago but it’s too bloody cold for anything to grow
  • Friday Pub has been very well attended over the past couple of weeks, crisp selection is still shit though
  • Have found some great new music, including FaltyDL, Karl Bartos, and Ricardo Villalobos
  • Our heating bill appears to be mixed up with the national debt of Paraquay
  • I have programmed a playlist for Martin & Jess’s wedding for the eating part, it’s immense

So that’s about all from camp loaf, I’m off to put a bet on the national – w00t