Plenty on

Plenty on

I’ve had a fun packed weekend if the truth be told. It kicked off on friday afternoon when we went to Fumo for a lovely lunch and mental cocktails, then back to Friday pub (although i don’t really remember much to be honest).


Saturday was spent chubbing around although we did go out shopping for new bed linen (why on earth is it so expensive), then me and mrs loaf watched a film but i cant remember what.

Sunday saw us in town for the southside festival, lots of arty weirdness and a spot of physical dance pieces (not my bag), but it was veny enjoyable and eBo even had a go on a trapeze!. She was also the star of the show in the ‘Throw the giant sugar cube into the oversize teacup balanced on the strange ladies head’ game.



We then went to the pub with Martin & Jess and noted they had Tomato Snaps as a pub snack (always a winner), they also had levis roots, reggae reggae crisps (not so much).


Monday saw us visiting 2 national trust properties Baddersley Clinton and Packwood House (both very nice). Then when we got home i pimped up an apple tree to allow Isobel to climb it.


Tuesday, we visited conkers which was actually much more fun than it sounds (i expected a hellish wacky warehouse but situated outside, but it was really quite nice), there were loads of walks and nature trails (the map was a bit shit though).

So there you go.