Pub party


Well with Christmas round the corner we thought it’s time once again for the Friday pub Christmas party. However after much deliberation although we decided on a date (14th December) we haven’t decided on a location. I think it will be curry (because as Danielle pointed out, there’s not many alternatives in Walsall) but where I dunno.

Later on me and mrs loaf watched “Made of Stone” the new Shane meadows film about the Stone Roses revival. To be honest it was all a bit medium, there wern’t any real insights into the band at all and seeing them you realise it’s all about Mani’s bass. All the great bits of stone roses songs are about the bass riff, everything else is just fluff. Also the program was full of bloated 40 something blokes banging on about seeing them back in the day. Well I did see them back in the day and they were one of the worst bands I have ever seen (and considering some of the art-rock-toss I saw back then that’s saying something)

So the stone roses, pedestrian drumming, poor jimmy page rip off guitar riffs, half decent vocalist and a fantastic bass player, hardly the second coming is it.

Today I will be constructing a cabin bed (kids high rise bed with play area underneath), to which Gav at work enquired if it was for Me and Sadie? Perhaps there’s a market for adult bunk style double cabin beds with an “activity centre” underneath? I dunno but Matt said the “activity centre” could be a sex swing whilst I’d have been happy with a small desk. Either way I’m building one thus afternoon.