Art, eggnog and testicles


As I often forget what was chatted about, I jotted some subjects down ,and to my surprise the following topics were covered:

White Russians
Not the racial profiling of ruskies but the contents of the cocktail, it’s milk, vodka and we dunno what, turns out in the end it was kahlua, although to be honest it sounds vile

Egg nog advocat on ice cream
Dunno about this sounds weird but apparently it’s quite tasty (if you added it to lemon sorbet, would that be a snowball? Would that be acceptable? Would it have to have a garish cocktail cherry on top? Would you have to be 70 to eat it? Does anyone care?)

Semi precious stones
Is there an orange one?

Friday pub party
It’s gonna be a curry at golden moments

Massive eyebrows
Toms are massive like some Dennis Healey look alike, apparently they head towards the light of their own accord. Meanwhile Martins are so large that Jess uses them as a duvet. I think we all know where I stand on the eyebrow (not literally, unless it was Toms of course).

The Orchidometer
It’s actually a series of egg shaped balls increasing in size all on a string like a bizzare necklace, it is used for measuring the size of testicles, I can’t imagine it gets much use anywhere.

I also popped to Walsall art gallery to see the new Damien Hirst piece. To be honest I couldn’t make head nor tail of it even after reading the blurb.


So yeah I walked into the room and saw this:


Looks like a complete waste of everyone’s time to me, but what do I know (bugger all apparently). I did read a boon in the gallery library covering the work of Gavin Turk who looked like a much better bet, everyday objects cast in bronze and painted to look like they are real. I saw his work a few years ago and was flabbergasted by its realism.




Much better methinks