Après Ski and Genital Waxing


Pub discussion took an an intimate feminine grooming theme this week with topics covering:

Genital waxing
Stephens swearing budgie
Old school printing presses
Great Baltis of Walsall
New kids on the block being shit (or not)
The days of rave
Even more genital waxing and what exactly is a ‘J’
Anal Bleaching

To be honest the boys tried to take no part in the waxing discussion, even the part about “Having the full Yul Bryner”, which I can only imagine is akin to the last chicken in in the shop. But to be fair it must happen quite a bit if certain gentlemans pamphlets are to be believed.

Steven gave us extracts of his diary from when he was about 16 which were hilarious. A sort of seedy Adrian mole if you will, certainly the term ‘Fingering’ is grossly underused these days.

Last night we saw Après Ski the new vehicle from the bbc to inject a touch of light entertainment into the Winter Olympics. As a vehicle it’s manically veering off the cliff into the ravine of awful tv. To kick off Alan Davies was reading from the autocue with the delivery and comic timing of Tim Henman reading the ingredients off a tube of toothpaste. It was excruciating to watch as he appeared to be greenscreened onto a chairlift staring at the camera with concentration of a man trying to input his tax return details 3 minutes before the deadline.

And then the crowning nugget of sweetcorn on the turd encrusted stenchpipe of a show was the awful canned laughter, crowbarred into camera sweeps of the crowd, all of whom looked like they would rather be attending Gordon Ramsey’s colonoscopy. The guests were utterly lost as well, looking helplessly at each other, hoping someone would do the decent thing and detonate the entire studio, rather than sit through another moment of this bewildering madness.

Which lets be honest would make better tele all round.