The Highwaymen at British Telecom


This Friday saw the debut of Elis, Danielle and Russell’s new baby boy, and at 3 weeks old he’s the second youngest to attend (the youngest being Alliyah who was only one day old). He seemed to take it in his stride so I’m sure he’ll be a regular.

Conversation this week took a bit of a lactating bent with topics covering:

The bruise on sadies leg
Tomorrow’s curry
Sadies missing cardigan
Martin looking like Wilfred Brambell (Steptoe)
The ability of men to lactate
Trying to milk Martin like a cat
The madness of Toms beard


To be honest there were some pretty spurious claims thrown about by the women as to a man being able to produce milk if suckled by a baby long enough. Which apart from the obvious Criminal/Moral/Religious ramifications, just seemed plain wrong. If I were a child I certainly wouldn’t want any of my milk, and that doesn’t even take into consideration hairy nipples.

On a bit of a rant, I was charged £5.57 by BT for a call to 118118 (sadies mum did it whilst babysitting, I’d never use em meself, those moustaches make em look a bit ‘Saville’). I called them a bit sharpish to vent my spleen and was fobbed off with a number to call 118118 as it was “out of their hands”. With bugger all better to do, I called them and basically accused them of tearing food from my child’s mouth. The bloke was very apologetic and offered to send me a chq for £3.00 ( it’s the principle of the thing) he also told me that they charged BT £3.70 for the call and BT just added the £2 on as a bit of ruse.

I have tweeted BT and await their reply, (I did tell them that at least Dick Turpin wore a mask), but if I ever see Busby, I’ll snap his little neck like a feathered breadstick