In the theatre of dreams


Sorry it’s been a while, to be honest I’ve just been too busy but also we have missed 2 Friday pubs due to other commitments (becoming godparents being one) and others have pounced on the chance and moved up the rankings.

Last nights pub took a bit of a saucy turn with topics covering:

Wolves v Walsall
The Phonetic alphabet
Jess’s sex face
The dirty phonetic alphabet
Jess being an arse model
Bradley Pitt
Which end is it coming out of first
Chante’s spank bank

The dirty phonetic alphabet was too obscene to put on here to be honest, but let’s just say Maria has a very dirty mind.

The first subject covered my attendance at the hallowed theatre of dreams that is Bescot Stadium this weekend for the wolves walsall derby. The mighty wolves should win hopefully, but the fun doesn’t stop there as we are in a box. To be fair it’s probably The box, and is probably an orange box, but hey should be a great day.

Apparently the weather is going to be great all week so here’s hoping eh.