Wow wow wow, unbelievable


Well a slightly less raunchy Friday pub with only one spot of nudity with topics covering:

Kate Bush
Stealing art
Dappys cock
Passion and pain

The big story here is obviously Kate Bush doing a series of gigs in London after 35 years. This is possibly the greatest piece of news this century and come hell or high water we will be going. The half decent tickets are £100 a pop but that’s a small price to pay methinks.

The was a picture doing the rounds of a nude dappy with what looked like a baby’s arm holding an apple, it was all very distasteful.

This weekend should hopefully see some hot garden action with a spot of membrane slitting, clearly I’m trying to make it sound raunchier than it really is but it can’t all be tattooed tits you know

Friday pub was very well attended this week with 18 people present, long may it continue.