It’s the Summer – w00t

Well nearly….It was first outdoor Friday Pub of the year, it did get a bit nippy so we went in, but hey, here’s to the summer.

Topics covered:

Death of Sue Townsend
The Chrome Porsche parked outside the Carvery (all i can say is ‘Christ!’)
Waxing your testicles with Gaffa tape
The Walking Dead
Do the Japanese have beards?
The bloody moon again

It was discovered (with the aid of Wiki) that the moon does revolve but we always see the same size of it. I have no idea how it works but its on wiki so it must be right.

Little Loaf was at her Nan and Grandads, so me and Sadie did plenty of garden stuff and chubbed at Martin & Jess’s (eating the first Rhubarb of the year). I have built a new coldframe out of pallets (what a surprise), and have planted lots more veg. Hopefully over the next few weeks the allotment should start taking shape, there’s still quite a lot to do though. I did pop into the carvery again on Saturday morning for breakfast and the place was heaving, I mean its only £3.99 for all you can stuff down your fat face so why wouldn’t it be popular amongst the fat knackers of Walsall (one woman’s arse was so large it was in a different postcode to the rest of the room), some people can certainly put away a frightening amount of food first thing in the morning.

Tom and I did visit Chante and Stephen in their new home, after being called in to do a bit of DIY. Stephen is frighteningly inept at all things do it yourself, and had managed to put a screw through the surface of the table by the time we got there. Fortunately he was put on refreshment duty and not allowed near the tools, so hopefully the house wont be falling down anytime soon.

In TV news we have finished True Detective and are currently on the latest season of CSI. It’s nice having 45 min episodes again as a full hour feels like a bit of a commitment. People at work are banging on about Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, so i think we’ll be giving that a go soon.

Novelty video of the day is this: