Toms tin foil hat


It’s all gone a bit conspiracy down at the Toby carvery. Tom, having watched something clearly he shouldn’t have, is now convinced that not only were the moon landings faked, but Stanley Kubrick directed the whole thing.

Topics this week covered:

Stanley Kubricks faked Moon landing
The birthday Cake
Taking Maria up the trough
The spinning of the moon
Having Sex with an axe murderer
Betting on the national

Also Kubrick then went onto direct The Shining, which is apparently full of moon landing references. To be fair I wouldn’t know as I’m too shit scared to watch the whole film, but I doubt it.

Other discussion covered the idea of having sex with an axe murderer, general consensus was that it was fine as long as you kept one eye on their axe lying against the sideboard. And if it turned a bit chilly and they offered to get the fire going, but just needed to chop a bit of wood up, I’d exit a bit sharpish.

We have finished both the West Wing and The Walking Dead and have moved on to True Detective. It’s a bit moody but very good, that Mcconaughey chap doesn’t look well though, it looks like he’s got ringworm or something.

The Williamsons are nearly in their new house, it’ll be a longer commute to Friday pub, but with them still being in contention of a top spot. I should think they will continue to make the effort.