Well it’s been about 5 years since I had “Loafday” which is essentially having lunch and getting drunk with lots of mates on a bank holiday Sunday in celebration of my birthday.

This time was different due to lots of us having kids, but with a 1 o’clock kick off at the longhorn for 15 of us, plenty beers, lunch and then onto the Toby (host of Friday pub) for more drinks, it soon flowed into the type of loafdays past.

We ended up on the allotment having a game of drunken extreme hide and seek, with Martin and Jess pushing the boundaries as their knackered clothes illustrate. Jess’s injuries were entirely her own fault for falling out of a tree, christ knows what she was doing up there in the first place.

After more drinks a few games of boule, we lit the fire (which was bloody massive) and talked bollocks into the small hours, all in all a fantastic day.

Also it’s not even my birthday till next Thursday so I’ll continue to celebrate till then