Lovejoys Ferret


Been a bit slack, mainly due to the fact I’m lazy but the last 2 pub visits have discussed:

Friday 23rd Apil:
No to page 3
Being ofsteaded
Jackie Chans gestation period
Jess not pooing
Damo Suzuki at the chuckery club
Seeing Kate bush
Buying gravel
The frog bucket
Surviving a zombie apocalypse in the greenhouse
Crack relating Foot shrinkage

And Friday 2nd May:

Jess’s great week
Oasis being shit
Big bands since 2000
Having sex with a dog
Record store day
Getting arrested at the snooker
My hair and me cutting it
Racist genital waxing

The racist genital waxing refers to the Hitler moustache making a comeback as an alternative to the Brazillian, to be honest I think there’s a market there.

We are all over the great allotment challenge at the mo, so much so that mrs loaf made rhubarb and ginger cordial, which I mixed with gin after the pub, could be a loafstock fave.

As I write this there’s a weirdo on the tele promoting national ferret day, she looks like a ferret as well. Hopefully the ferret she is stroking goes mental and bites Tim Lovejoys smarmy face off. What is it with him? He’s like the worlds oldest ‘lad’, with his desperate attempts to appear cool with out of date popular culture references. Apparently ‘Coldplay are gonna be quite big you know’, tool.

I was gonna crop Jess’s picture above so just showed her breasts in a touch of irony, she threatened to punch me in the face though so I gave it a swerve. Dunno what her point is though, there’s enough complete tits in The Sun wasting everyone’s time, I can’t see that another couple make a difference. Surely a better slogan would be ‘Shoot everyone who’s involved in the production of The Sun, shoot everyone who buys The Sun, shoot their families and everyone who knows their families”. Although it would be a push to get that on a t shirt, in fact you’d have to be quite chesty for it all to fit on. I’d point out the irony of this to Jess but I’d probably get a punch in the face.

So I think I’ll leave it.