Mexicans at Villa Park


Post Loafday pub saw a bit of a revolving door policy with people coming and going, still a mark is a mark if you’ve turned up. Topics covered:

Amy Khan, teacher extraordinaire
Bodily Bruises (post tree)
Curried rice crispies
The wall of sausage (providing a bean dam)
Villa being owned my Mexicans
Never seen a gooseberry
Kevin bacon numbers

The villa quote comes from Steven who says that he knows someone who mates with a girl who’s best friend once got off with Des Bremners aunties milkman (or was it Peter Withe’s TV repairman?) Anyway they say that takeover is imminent, and with a source as reliable as that it must be true.

I’m hoping it is Mexicans as I think there’s not enough sombrero’s at villa park. Also some of them big moustaches would be most welcome I would have thought. Unfortunately it will probably be some oil oligarch.

Today see’s me visiting the theatre so see something called seqence8. It all looks very acrobatic and reviews have been excellent so hopefully I’ll enjoy it.

TV wise we are still on the allotment challenge and Great British Menu, both of which are essential viewing, but apart from that and gogglebox there’s bugger all else on. At least if the weather stops being so shit I can get me sweetcorn planted out.

Music wise I am re listening to 808 State – Don Solaris album, it’s immense, and if you can get hold of the Propellerheads remix of their track ‘Lopez’ (with the grumpy looking chap out of the manic street preachers) then that’s an extra bonus.