I’ll not lie you, i’ve been incredibly slack with updating the blog. There just always seems to be something more interesting to do (watching tele, picking up cat shit etc), but I thought having not blogged for a month I should at least put something.

At home we have shifted the kitchen round and am having a new bathroom fitted. We have also gravelled the back passage (oo-er), which will probably turn out to be one massive cat litter tray for the old woman how lives in the shoe 2 doors down to let her myriad of cats use as a toilet (still its better than them constantly shitting in Isobels play area, or on my strawberries for that matter). In fact last week one of them have crawled under the strawberry netting to curl off a biscuit in the right in the middle of the strawberry patch. That’s quite a feat, and certainly worth going on the Krypton Factor for. Although to be fair it might struggle with the plastic shape test thing, especially when I have wrung its scrawny neck and pinned its twitching corpse up on the fence as a warning to other feline shitters.

Loafstock is now only 6 weeks to go, so there’s lots to plan. I think the table tennis trophy will be contested quite hotly this year. Also there is talk of there being a Lumley Beach chill out area, but I dunno how that will pan out.

Oh and i’m watching a TV show called Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It’s a few years old now, but is by the same guy who did the West Wing, and is very good so far. Also I have just finished reading “Killing Bono’ which is both a great book and a great idea.

Oh yeah and i’ve got Croatia in the office sweepstake – bah.