Cabinet Reshuffles

I dont understand.

Ignoring the fact that they are all a bunch of talentless fucktrumpets for whom their last ‘proper’ job and entire industry experience was when they did a stint behind the bar at the student union. I just don’t understand the concept of a ‘reshuffle’

“So you over there, you used to be in charge of roads, i’m gonna put you in charge of hospitals now. You who used to run pensions can now be in charge of defence. You in charge of petty cash can now be the minister for education”

What company would take the sales director and shift him the HR department, move the Production manager and put him in charge of accounts and move the caretaker into heading the marketing department. just to “shake it up a bit”

If the bellend running education is an illiterate wankspanner with the intellectual capacity of a boiled egg and clearly cant do it, then sack him and put someone who can in, and do it sharpish, not wait a couple of years until you fancy doing a bit of a reshuffle, it’s not musical chairs for fuck sake.

If the bloke in defence is doing an okay job, don’t shift him to cabinet sweeper-upper for the sake of shifting him because he’s already had a couple of years in the position, and it’s time to give someone else a punt and proceed to put a certifiable idiot in his place. All because he once gave you a reach-around round the back of the buttery 20 years ago.

To me it makes no sense at all, its the UK government not some 8 year olds classroom where everybody gets to have a go.

So yeah, I don’t get it.